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My Work

Welcome to my digital portfolio — a showcase of my past projects that speak volumes about my expertise. From engaging websites to social media campaigns, defining logos, and eye-catching graphics, each project reflects my passion and skill. Explore this gallery and witness how I bring ideas to life. Let these projects inspire your brand's journey ahead!

Casa Margarita Catering

Website and Logo Design

Crafting Casa Margarita Catering's website was about translating their culinary excellence into a captivating online experience. We aimed for a vibrant, user-friendly design that invites visitors to explore menus and event options effortlessly. The site encapsulates their dedication to quality and celebrates their rich heritage, enticing visitors to savor the Casa Margarita experience in every click.


Salucita Mobile Bar

Website Design

Designing Salucita Mobile Bar's website was an exhilarating journey into crafting an online space that mirrors their mobile cocktail experience. Our goal was to create a dynamic and inviting platform that captures the essence of their vibrant and social brand. From the sleek design elements to the easy navigation that immerses visitors in their cocktail offerings and event services, the website was tailored to evoke the excitement and joy of their mobile bar experience. Emphasizing their dedication to creating memorable moments, the website became a virtual invitation for visitors to sip, savor, and celebrate with Salucita Mobile Bar.


Botox By Brittany

Social Media Management and Logo Design

As Social Media Manager for Botox by Brittany, I curated an engaging online presence focused on expertise and client stories. I crafted informative content about procedures, showcased real transformations, and fostered a trustworthy space for those considering aesthetic treatments."


Los 3 Hermanos 

Website Design & Social Media Management

As both the website creator and Social Media Manager for Los 3 Hermanos, I've had the pleasure of shaping their online identity into a vibrant celebration of their culinary legacy. The website was designed to showcase their rich heritage and mouthwatering dishes, inviting visitors to explore their menu offerings and immerse themselves in an authentic dining experience. As their Social Media Manager, I've curated a dynamic online presence, sharing captivating visuals and engaging content that reflects the heart and soul of Los 3 Hermanos. From highlighting specials to behind-the-scenes glimpses, the social channels serve as a digital extension of their welcoming atmosphere, inviting patrons to savor the flavors and traditions they cherish.

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KazMedica Aesthetics

Website and Logo Design

Working on the web design for KazMedica Aesthetics was an exhilarating journey that blended creativity with precision. I delved into understanding their brand essence, weaving together sleek aesthetics with user-friendly functionality. From conceptualizing layouts to fine-tuning color palettes and typography, every detail aimed to capture the essence of their services. The process was not just professionally fulfilling but also incredibly enjoyable; the freedom to explore innovative design elements while ensuring seamless user experience made it a thrilling project from start to finish.

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